Redesign coming, Sonic Galaxy is back!!!

Sonic has not been updated in over 2 years. As most people know by now, Adobe Flash is going away forever and has been given an end of life date by 2020. Many browsers will actually start blocking Flash for good a year sooner in 2019. Our parent site, Realm of and all of it's affiliated website's including Sonic Galaxy and Mario Universe were originally going to close down due to the death of Adobe Flash. However Realm of has been back and Flash free for nearly a year, and now it is time for Sonic to return as well.

Production on a site redesign for Sonic has officially begun. Sonic Galaxy will go back to being updated regularly, like it was from 2013 to 2016. Due to the upcoming death of Flash, all Flash Games will be removed for the redesign. The Sonic Scene Creators will still be available on the old Realm of Flash Game Portal, and will remain there until that site closes in 2019/2020 when Flash starts shutting down. A link for these will be in the main menu, but all regular Sonic Flash Games will no longer be available when the Flash free, redesign is completed. There is no choice in this matter, Adobe Flash is going away forever, nothing can be done to change this. Perhaps one day the Scene Creators can return in a non flash format, if anyone has any suggestions on that please send an email.

All Sonic Maps, Sprite Sheets, and most of the Sonic Soundboards will remain. The Sonic Soundboards will be in a non Flash format that works on all devices including Mobile. You can check those new versions of the Sonic Soundboards out on Realm of, as they will be added to Sonic Galaxy. After the redesign this site will go back to being updated regularly with new Sonic Soundboards, Maps, and Sprite Sheets. Other features will probably be added as well. Mario will also be getting a redesign, and you can look forward to both the Sonic and Mario sites returning to full force once again.

Expect the Sonic redesign to be completed very soon. Thanks to all of you for your support throughout these 5 plus years of Sonic Galaxy. It is great to be back!!!

Sonic Drift 2 Sprite Sheets - Sega Game Gear

11 Sprite Sheets have been added for Sonic Drift 2 of the Sega Game Gear. There are new sprites of Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Fang, and more.

Sonic Race Zone

Race against Sonic, Eggman, Amy, or Knuckles.

Sonic Ring Thing

Click on the Sonic Rings to see how many you can collect.

Sonic Drift Sprite Sheets - Sega Game Gear

6 Sprite Sheets have been added for Sonic Drift of the Sega Game Gear. There are new sprites of Racers, Might Car, Rings, and more.

Sonic Car Champ

Play as Sonic, or other characters in this racing game.

Big The Cat Soundboard: Sonic Heroes

New soundboard for Big The Cat of Sonic Heroes, the character who sounds like he has some soft of disability. Contains over 135 quotes from the game.

Sonic Mystery Escape

Sonic must collect all the keys, to escape the mysterious dungeon.